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I tried my hand at creating this knitted rabbit using FuzzyMitten’s pattern on Etsy.com. I discovered that my sewing skills weren’t really up to par, but it was fun anyway. Here was the result!

Knitted Rabbit


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These are really cute, and they are inspired by house rabbits!

Kwoozy Rabbit Stuffies

A free bunny pattern and a free carrot pattern are available for personal use courtesy of Kwoozy. This tutorial is also provided.

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Well, to continue this trend I started by accident, here’s another cute bunny pattern. This time it’s a free crochet pattern from Jilly-Flowers.

Jilly-Flowers bunny crochet pattern

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Here is a cute bunny that you could make in time for Christmas.

WeeWonderfuls Bunny Pattern

A free pattern is available for download from WeeWonderfuls.

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Well, my knitting expertise pretty much extends to scarves and hats, but I think this bunny knitting pattern from fuzzymitten on Etsy.com would be fun to try:

Knitting Pattern - Lop Eared Bunny

You could also knit a cape for it:

Bunny Cape

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