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Sony has released a cute screensaver for your cell phone with the colorful Play-doh Bravia bunnies hopping across the screen.

The video is available for download here: http://bravia.sony.eu/bravia-bunnies.html

Bravia bunnies


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I just got another batch in of adorable rabbit photos, this time featuring Dimmy, a 1-year-old Dutch rabbit and his cat companions. Here’s 1 photo of Dimmy in a dollhouse to give you a taste. I also included a closeup of him. View all the rabbit photos >

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Check out the latest submitted cute rabbit photos to My House Rabbit! Here’s one of Miss Buns, a blue dwarf bunny, with her dog pal.

Blue dwarf rabbit & dog

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Here are some photos of the bunnies lounging today. Both have funny places where they like to sleep. For example, when they are not under the coffee table, Coco will lie down on a plastic pet food tray, and Cosette will rest near the elliptical trainer, sometimes under the pedal.

Cosette snoozing by the elliptical.

Coco with feet resting on the baseboard and head on plastic mat.

Coco arising, suspicious of the camera.

Coco still concerned.

Coco decides all is well.

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Cosette was featured on Rabbittude’s Visiting Expert page for May 2007. According to Rabbittude‘s dictionary page, “Rabbittude” is defined as: the knowledge of being superior: “I am the bunny!”

This is very true for Cosette.

Cosette eating the recyclables

I will say that I grossly overestimated her weight for her profile. She’s very strong- forcefully nudging me, digging on my back, lifting the puppy pen (which now has 12 pound weights keeping it down), so I assumed she was a lot heavier than she was.  But actually according to the last visit to the vet’s, she’s only 4.7 pounds.  (Sorry Cos!)

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Marni Soupcoff of the National Post writes about the life lessons she learned as a bunny owner. Read the article here: http://www.nationalpost.com/opinion/columnists/story.html?id=167041&p=1

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Random Photo

Kids in bunny costumes

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