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Well, it’s that time of year again to break out those old Christmas classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. But, if you prefer watching abridged versions that are also re-enacted by cartoon rabbits, then 30-Second Bunnies is just what you need!

A Christmas Story Still

Watch Jennifer Shiman’s It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation in Bun-O-Vision.


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Rabbits in harmony with natureWell I liked the topic of rabbits as eco-friendly pets so much that I decided to do further research and write an article about it on My House Rabbit.

I thought of seven ways pet rabbits help contribute to a healthy environment. If anyone can think of more reasons, please let me know!


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Here is a cute bunny that you could make in time for Christmas.

WeeWonderfuls Bunny Pattern

A free pattern is available for download from WeeWonderfuls.

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An Atlanta, GA couple has created a new bunny cartoon called Baxter the Bunny based on their own English Angora rabbit, Buster. Ernie and Kim Martin teamed up with recent Auburn graduate and artist, Miles Davis to develop the characters. The cartoon, which can be found at www.baxterthebunny.com, features a new story every week.

Baxter the Bunny

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Recycling BunnyAccording to pet columnist Gina Spadafori, keeping rabbits as pets is more environmentally friendly than keeping cats and dogs. You can grow their food in a garden, and then you can throw the recycled paper litter and droppings into a compost pile to fertilize the garden. If you buy locally grown hay, you reduce the need for shipping food across the country, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions.

I also find that I hardly ever use my shredder anymore because Coco and Cosette tend to eat all my old receipts, etc. So that saves some electricity…

For more information:

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CottontailAfter treating four cases of myxomatosis, a Bristol, UK veterinary practice is urging rabbit owners to get their pets vaccinated against the illness. If unvaccinated, rabbits who contract the disease suffer immensely. Symptoms include runny eyes, which leads to conjunctivitis and blindness. Swelling and lumps also appear on the body. Most unvaccinated rabbits who contract the disease will perish.

Pet rabbits kept outdoors are more susceptible to the disease as they have a greater chance of coming in contact with wild rabbits/hares or insects such as fleas, mosquitos and mites carrying the disease.

For more info: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/bristol/somerset/7115026.stm

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Hittite Rock Relief, Turkey by Willis MonroeAccording to New Scientist, tularemia or “Rabbit Disease” may have been intentionally spread by the Hittites to their enemies in the 14th century when they sent diseased rams.

The bacterial infection, which can be passed from animals like rabbits or sheep to humans via ticks, causes skin ulcers and respiratory failure. This may have been the first case of biological warfare.

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